Xining police will investigate all kinds of security risks

March 31, 2017


June 13th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Xining city public security organs will carry out safety inspection work for a period of three months, a comprehensive investigation of accidents, and strengthen supervision and management of production safety, to protect people’s lives and property safety.

Shen Sen, deputy secretary of the municipal public security bureau Party committee, deputy director of the city’s public security organs at all levels, especially the police, fire, public security and other departments, conscientiously perform their duties of safety supervision, pay close attention to the implementation of safety inspection measures read more

The province has set up a financial service points 4763 points

March 31, 2017


reporter learned from the provincial government office, in recent years, the province actively promote agricultural financial services, pilot and promotion "to help farmers teller + rural electricity supplier" mode, as of the end of 10, the province has set up financial services to benefit farmers 4763, which, at an altitude of 4000 meters above the regional financial services to benefit farmers 90 business, the cumulative amount of 1 billion 700 million yuan. The herdsmen "far from the village, nearly out of the village to enjoy small cash, convenient query business financial services, financial subsidy funds to withdraw, through the central government grant funds to pay the" last mile "ended, farmers and herdsmen in remote areas even drove dozens of hundreds of kilometers to the business of financial institutions teller history. read more

Xining East 2014 year battle gun control

March 31, 2017


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In March 4th, Xining East District held "the comprehensive treatment of environmental pollution and the creation of national environmental protection model city work conference", started a comprehensive pollution control model, the 2014 Eastern Conference battle. Meeting the full mobilization and deployment of pollution control, 2014 year, the District Construction Bureau, Yun home town government, China Zijin City who were made a position statement, the district government and relevant departments signed the "target responsibility book". read more

Xining this year to build 163 farm house farmers have their own library

March 31, 2017


it is understood that the Xining Municipal Bureau of culture, radio and television has been completed this year, the construction of a farmer’s house plan, four districts and counties in Xining City, the town built a total of 163 farmers bookstore.

Xining city article wide Bureau staff, each farm house are 933 kinds of distribution of 1568 books, the content of the book is suitable for farmers with agricultural science and technology, reading, children, health, life, literature and art books. In addition, the government also for each house purchased 4 bookcases, 1 newspaper racks, the distribution of the 100 kinds of audio and video products, subscribe to 3 newspapers, 4 periodicals, the average house invested two million yuan. read more

The province’s first digital education platform to start

March 30, 2017


In December 20th, the pilot work of the first national digital educational resources, public service platform "I start running in the north of the District Education Bureau, the project by the state free of charge for the opening of individual space of 17 schools in the area of teachers and students, so that the majority of teachers and students through the information resources sharing, interactive mode, comprehensive transformation of traditional teaching to the digital campus, teaching wisdom…… Image point is: in the teaching of lessons, homework, homework preparation, etc. can be carried out in a "personal space", if the student can not go to school due to illness, synchronization can be achieved through the observation network and students at home.

is to carry out the national educational resources of public service platform for large scale application pilot (pilot work this month simultaneously throughout the country spread) is to promote a major educational initiatives that benefit the education informationization construction, is of great significance to the realization of educational process reengineering and change of teaching mode. The purpose of the pilot is to promote the 5 aspects of space application, resource application, teaching reform, network cooperation, mechanism exploration. Schools, teachers, students, parents are free to register the teaching space on the platform, the basic function of free trial teaching space, but also according to the teaching needs to expand the space function. To support education in western countries, the central platform to the 13 pilot areas in the west each district to provide 500 thousand yuan of subsidies, I Chengbei District, Qinghai Province as the only pilot areas, teachers and students will complete the creation of personal space in September 2014, and the application of space and resources gradually normalized."   read more

Xining more than and 40 families entered the gate of three generations of fire brigade experience

March 30, 2017


In May 30th, the Xining fire brigade Secret Squadron ushered in a number of special guests from kmybaby International Center in Xining’s more than and 40 families, yesun three generations of experience "red tour".

read more

Xining Municipal People’s government administrative service center vehicle management center inaugur

March 29, 2017


for the implementation of the central, provincial and municipal deepening open government and enhancing government service spirit, to further strengthen the E-government service platform, optimize the service environment, standardize government behavior, improve service efficiency of government services, and promote the government service standardization, refinement, cordial, in accordance with the "Xining municipal government closed to strengthen and standardize the construction of administrative service center the opinion" requirement, the city traffic police detachment vehicle management was officially named as the "vehicle management center of Xining Municipal People’s government administrative service center". February 28th morning, Deputy Secretary General of the Xining Municipal People’s government, Chai Lupan, director of the Xining Municipal People’s government administrative service center, a line of political commissar of the detachment accompanied by the management of the center of the listing of the. read more

Xining police cracked 2 8 kidnapping case is under trial

March 29, 2017


February 12th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a news conference, the public to the community informed of the occurrence of the West District of Xining City, 2009·, 2· 8 provincial supervise the case of kidnapping. At present, the hostages unharmed, suspected of kidnapping suspects Moumou, Yang, Wu Moumou, Moumou Moumou 4 people.

10:40 on February 8th at

PM, the Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol Corps in Zhuhai Xu Moumou report said: the 17 year old son on the same day at 1 pm, kidnapped victory road in the West District of Xining city primary school in front of the door, the kidnappers extorted 1 million yuan in cash. read more

Since December 1st our province officially opened the enterprise name Library

March 27, 2017


registration management mode for the reform of the enterprise name, enterprise name release resources, to facilitate the applicants to choose the name of the enterprise, recently, the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau issued the "notice" on the opening of the name of the enterprise library, from December 1st, through the portal opening of enterprises, professional cooperatives of farmers, individual industrial and commercial households (referred to as enterprises) library name. read more

Provincial Party committee of the first inspection team to inspect the situation of the provincial P

March 27, 2017


according to the provincial unified deployment, in July 8th, the first provincial inspection teams to the province, the people were appointed party feedback of special inspections, leader Dojena Jean conveyed the important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, on behalf of the special patrol inspection teams feedback situation. Provincial Party committee secretary of the people’s Congress opened wow presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Dojena Jean pointed out that the party since eighteen, provincial people were Party committee adhere to the party’s ethnic and religious policies, promote the overall development of ethnic and religious work, and promote the creation of national unity and progress of advanced area focus on the implementation of the tasks, the overall evaluation of the cadres and the masses is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: the leadership of the party is not strong enough, based in our province and province, the people were appointed actual, put forward specific implementation measures, promote not take the initiative to the central and provincial government major decisions and landing, to guide the party to fulfill the main responsibility is not timely; strong enough to implement the "two responsibility" gap, existence of disciplinary problems and carry out the warning education is not timely, not in place to fulfill its oversight responsibilities Commission for discipline inspection organs and cadres illegal problems; play the Central Party leadership role is not enough, behind its own system construction, study on important issues in the religious administration according to law, strengthen the management of religion the transaction is not strong enough; without collective research, illegal disposal of state-owned assets; project supervision system is not perfect. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected, has been transferred to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and other relevant departments in accordance with the provisions. read more

The provincial government and the China Unicom signed a cooperation framework agreement in 13th Five

March 26, 2017


Green Fair is approaching, the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. In June 15th, the provincial government and the China Unicom Corporation signed a cooperation framework agreement "in 13th Five-Year" in Xining. Governor Hao Peng, China Unicom Group Chairman Wang Xiaochu attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

Hao Peng in his speech to the China Unicom Group has long been given strong support for economic and social development in Qinghai thanks. Hao Peng said, at present, our province is in a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society in the decisive stage, accelerate the construction of informationization to promote the supply side structural reform, strengthen investment and consumption, increase the stimulation of supply of public goods and public services, continue to protect and improve people’s livelihood, has very important significance. We sincerely hope to strengthen cooperation with China Unicom Chinese, with the signing as an opportunity to better play the comprehensive advantages of China Unicom, deepening in broadband Qinghai construction, "Internet plus", big data and cloud computing technology popularization and application of the cooperation, accelerate the information construction process, to ensure that the 2020 Qinghai and the National Road synchronized well-off society to make new contribution. Qinghai will be happy to create a good business environment for the development of China Unicom in the construction of the project, information services and other aspects of positive support, continue to expand the results of bilateral cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. read more

Qinghai water ecological civilization news interview activities start

March 25, 2017


7 18, the provincial water resources department held a news briefing to the central media and the Qinghai press on water resources and water environment protection, the basic situation of governance, the interview with "Qinghai water resources, water ecology, water environmental protection and governance" as the theme of the official start.

for almost a week, CCTV reporter stations in Qinghai, Qinghai channel, Qinghai branch of Xinhua news agency, Qinghai branch, Qinghai daily, Qinghai TV, Qinghai news network and other media reporters will go to the province of water ecological civilization construction news activities. read more

Xining reform should adhere to the correct direction

March 24, 2017


The morning of June 26th, vice secretary of provincial Party committee, party secretary Wang Jianjun chaired the municipal reform leading group of the second meeting, Xining comprehensive Wang Jianjun stressed that the reform should adhere to the correct direction, outstanding issues, focusing on decentralization embodied reform, stimulate vitality, and strive to walk in the forefront of the province.

Urban and rural residents to raise the basic pension

March 23, 2017


recently, the provincial government agreed that the provincial human resources and social security department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "notice on the adjustment of new rural and urban residents social pension insurance basic pension" (Green Community Hall hair 2014 No. 15), from January 1, 2014 to adjust my province new agricultural insurance and home insurance city the basic pension per month, an increase of 25 yuan, is now 85 yuan per person per month to 110 yuan per person per month. 34 thousand and 200 urban residents and 380 thousand rural residents directly benefit. read more

2016 the province’s cooking livelihood pension feast

March 21, 2017




"NPC and CPPCC" "government work report" clearly, in the future, we must actively promote the elderly care project, comprehensively promote the government purchase pension services, to explore the medical support integration and agricultural and pastoral areas of the elderly support service pilot……

in 2016, the province will be how to cook a meal? These pension policy in the future will bring benefits to the elderly in our province? January 27th, the reporter learned through the two sessions, in 2016, the province will have greater action in the pension service. read more

Cigarettes also know how to identify fraud to prevent deception

March 21, 2017


in a variety of business products, cigarette products is a most hoax, and often crooks fraud are the cigarette product price is not cheap, the owner once cheated, it may cause huge economic losses. Of course, the industry also has a lot of people who have the skills to identify fraud. Inner Mongolia Wuhai city Haibowan District Yuan Xiang tobacco shop Yan eldest was the neighborhood known as "master knowledge of lie", Yan sister just a few days on the spot more than continuous cigarette fraud. read more

am a member of the CPPCC National Committee arrived in Beijing yesterday

March 21, 2017


heart of the people’s livelihood, mind development. With the ardent expectations of the people of all ethnic groups in the province, on the afternoon of March 1st, the CPPCC National Committee members arrived by plane in Beijing, Xining, they will attend the twelve session of the CPPCC National Committee held on March 3rd, the three meeting. 17, a member of the CPPCC National Committee
  read more

Frozen lake race three wonderful battle

March 21, 2017


wheels rolling, tension stimulated by the ring of Qinghai Lake international road cycling race has been carried out for nine days. The intense competition has attracted numerous sports fans and audience, talked about people is all about the wonderful lake race, now, more than half the race, let’s recap the lake before the nine stage of the wonderful battle.

wonderful battle:

conquered the devil stage

Lake Race third stage of a total length of 148 kilometers, the team starting from Xining, via the Riyue mountain Daotang River, into the end point, Qinghai Lake scenic area, the third stage is the "devil stage", riders start from 77 km to 20 km, continued to climb, at an altitude of 3451 metres sprint mountain climbing grade point, into many drivers play a turning point, to the end of the game, there are 12 people who did not finish the race. After fierce competition, the Ukraine team of Kors Polly Gators in 3 hours 21 minutes 50 seconds from Slovenia Mark grabbed a symbol of individual total score of the first yellow jersey, "yellow shirts" for the first time, easy to master, Ningxia lottery Fawkes Colorado team took the lead through climbing points, with the first king "climbing around the race polka dot jersey". read more

mplementation of three rules and regulations to strengthen the quality and safety management of agr

March 21, 2017


The quality and safety of agricultural products has always been the focus of attention of the whole society

quality and safety of agricultural products, has always been the focus of attention of the whole society. Improving the quality of agricultural products is not only the need to improve the quality of life of the people, improve the efficiency of agriculture, increase the income of farmers, but also the need to ensure public safety and promote social harmony. As the capital city of Xining Province, is the province’s largest agricultural production base and trading center, related to the quality and safety of agricultural products and more hidden dangers. In order to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural products, the maintenance of public health, promote the development of modern agriculture in Xining, Xining in 2012 to implement the "Xining city of agricultural products quality and safety management measures", "Xining city agricultural products market access management system" and "Xining city comprehensive ban on the sale of use of phorate and other three systems, to further strengthen the city the agricultural product quality safety management. read more

Looking for the experience of the gap and carrying out the demonstration project of rural environmen

March 21, 2017


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August 10th, the province’s rural environmental remediation demonstration work will be held in Xining, Huangyuan

8 10, the province’s rural environment contiguous remediation demonstration work will be held in Xining, Huangyuan. The office of the provincial government, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of finance, the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the provincial housing and urban construction department, the provincial water resources department, the provincial forestry department, the provincial health department, and the province, state, city and County environmental protection and environmental protection, in charge of the leadership of the financial departments attended the meeting. Vice governor Ma Shunqing attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. read more