Montoro gave Granada the victory against a lost Mallorca

May 14, 2020


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first_imgDiego Martínez: “We have to remain ourselves”The match: “Very competitive and even match in which the details make the difference, goal to zero, eighth victory in a first round to frame. We have a brutal competitive spirit, the victory goes to Montoro because he has given everything he had and then has come the injury. Victory today has also been thanks to the excellent football environment. We don’t know the extent of Montoro’s injury. “ After the resumption the game changed. The absence of Montoro and that Granada already had its booty gave control of the ball to Mallorca, a domain however sterile since they hardly hurt Rui Silva. Kubo was the most incisive of the vermilion that, after the time of business, changed the drawing with the exit of Lumor and Febas returning to the defense of four. But the Granada defended itself with nails and teeth. Together, moving in unison, covering the spaces and leaving Mallorca without ideas. Cucho, Lago Junior and Kubo had chances to match. However, the Nasrid team knew for the rhythm of the game, press when necessary and even could sentence in Foulquier’s boots, but his free throw inside the area was taken by Reina. Granada catches air before the tourmalet (visit to Seville, Barcelona and Atlético in the next four days) and is already placed with 27 points. Mallorca continues with its bad dynamics away from home and continues with the noose around the neck. Victory Value: “Mallorca is a very difficult team. It is very competitive, with fast players and overflowing. All the actions of Mallorca in our area have been with opposition. We have lacked peace of mind and we could have closed the game. That second part did not start badly, but the succession of fouls against them put them in the game and made us suffer. Honestly, I think that with what we have we have squeezed all of us, with things to improve. “Balance of the first round: “We must continue with this competitive spirit and remain ourselves. Eight victories in first and 27 points with all the circumstances and adversities that touch us every week, but it is to be proud. We are aware of who we are, we are connected with that hobby. My best gift of kings has been the three points today. This is a unique heritage for the club. “Soldier: “Roberto is exemplary on and off the field. Everything he brings us makes us better. What he gives us is unquestionable, he is generous, competitive, hardworking … and also the commitment he has with the club. I don’t want to stay with him. only, the whole team has had a connection in terms of very good equipment. “Foulquier: “We needed out at that time. They are first games after the holidays and you are not one hundred percent. Thank him because he has adapted quickly. He came without rhythm because he had not played for a long time, but he has replaced it with enthusiasm.”Absence of Montoro: “It is a sport of equality and that is why it has so much merit that we have 27. Mallorca has speed, it competes, with a great coach … The team has returned to the goal to zero and with a very careful defense. I can only give thank my players and dedicate the victory to Montoro, because the commitment and leadership has shown it today. “Vicente Moreno: “We must be more forceful”The match: “When a negative result is given, it is a sum of circumstances. We have made variants in the beginning, but we have lacked conviction in the first part. They have found the goal, because they have been a little better than us, the difference is that in that a little more that have been better have found that goal.In the second part we have been much better and we have not found the result.The players have left everything.You look at your team, you look at the rival and we were looking for being above. to be stronger than we have been. “First round balance: “Let’s see how the day ends. From the beginning we have said that we know where we are, where we came from and who we are. We have been two days in decline, we wanted to have more points than we have, but we know that our fate is to suffer this year and fight to be as little as possible in those relegation positions. Taking stock now is difficult because it will not send you to one place or another. We will have more difficulties from the rest. “ ChangesAzeez (46 ‘, Montoro), Foulquier (58 ‘, Doors), Aleix Febas (61 ‘, Save Seville), Lumor (61 ‘, Aleksander Sedlar), Abdón Prats (73 ‘, Josep Señé), Vadillo (83 ‘, Machís) The game was even, although Granada showed more intensity and mordant. And, in the equator of the first half, Víctor Díaz put a great pass to Soldier who, from within the area, gave the goal to Montoro who only had to push it. You could see the return of the Valencian as well as the security that Germán was giving back. The goal put the game where he wanted Granada, although Mallorca reacted immediately causing a corner. However, what could have come is the second Nasrid in another good move in which Soldier attended Machís, but the Venezuelan shot from Boca came out with a great stop. The worst news for Granada came to the edge of the break, when Montoro was injured giving a pass and had to be replaced. Granada came out with three important developments, the return of Germán and Montoro and the ownership of Machís instead of Vadillo in the first game of the year. Facing a Mallorca that faced the important casualties opted for five defense with Cucho Hernández as a reference. The Nasrids knew that it was a vital game before facing two consecutive outings in Barcelona and Seville, so they left from the first minute to the match. With two consecutive arrivals of Víctor Díaz by his band that generated a corner and a dangerous foul that did not serve to prove Reina. Mallorca, however, also showed its intentions. Looking for Kubo, overturned on the right, and the speed of Cucho, the Colombian had the first for the vermilion. CardsReferee: César Soto GradoVAR Referee: Xavier Estrada FernándezMontoro (39 ‘, Yellow) Victor Diaz (44 ‘, Yellow) Brice (52 ‘, Yellow) Soldier (77 ‘, Yellow) Azeez (88 ‘, Yellow) Rail it (90 ‘, Yellowlast_img read more