Muye domain buy a domain name from the 20 thousand yuan of loans to millions
on March 8, 2017

renamed China ( October 15th hearing, from the initial 20 thousand yuan loan to enter the domain name to the investment community, now a shot is millions of investors buy a domain name, Muye went through a period of unknown road, by virtue of their unique investment perspective, and the strength of daring Ganpin, now he is in the domain of investment circle has been a minor celebrity, let us further into the world Muye domain.

: a gander

was born in Fujian city of Fuqing Muye laid-off unemployed due to domain name investors, because Muye chose their own businesses, they have done a small website, and officially joined the ranks of the domain name investment in 2006. It is understood that Muye started just want to choose a good domain name for your web site, but because the site in the wrong direction, difficult to profit, then gave up the site, did not think of is, has officially entered the domain of the investment community, can be described as "flowers flowers, willow shade".

Muye began to invest in the domain name from 2006, due to limited funds has just started, in 2008, he told the other domain name investors borrowed 20 thousand yuan, investment firm domain, and thus making life in the pot of gold, the accumulation of some domain name, really began to go uphill. As a veteran of the domain name investors, Muye has been dominated by investment boutique or Pinyin domain name, play some short meter and digital meters, according to Muye, he began to play the.CN domain name. Because at that time a lot of domain names have been registered by others, in order to find a better domain name, so he began to contact the domain name forum, and then learned that the eName registrar.

at the expense of money: good quality Pinyin domain name

Muye preference Pinyin domain name, domain name for love, even if the money to get the hand. Not long ago Muye invest heavily on the acquisition of "telephone" domain name, and recently to hundreds of million yuan price "immigrants" Larry in the bag. It is understood that the domain name is a seller of overseas Chinese, the sale process at first to negotiate Muye striking one snag after another, with each other by phone, but the other is not willing to give, then finally get the office phone, but the other busy work, has been in the middle of a secretary, unable to communicate directly with the seller, so the time dragged on very long.


and other ground for more than 2 months, the other is still not a penny to fall, just give up? Considering immigration market is extremely large, Unlimited Business Opportunities, such as our country every year millions of people immigrated to the United States, ranking the world’s third countries of immigration to the United States, "the potential value of immigrants" the domain name it is huge, with Muye and very optimistic about such fine Pinyin domain name, the domain name with the final bullet.

in addition, Muye handled a lot of domain name, which, what impressed him most was to sell his early, sold to China map education. According to his memory, when the domain name

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