To do marketing users to do the user’s mother stepfather products
on March 8, 2017


the beginning of the end, not every kind of summary and plan, so is the Internet, 20 thousand and 130 marketing case, 20 thousand and 130 keywords and so on the number of not poor. At this time, Zhang also said that for marketing, unwilling to remain out of the limelight, the role of metaphor.

marketing first.

marketing is recognized as the emergence of time after the third industrial revolution, is the 50s of last century to the year of 70s. The seller gradually increased, resulting in greater demand than supply, marketing appeared. Simply put, marketing is through a variety of ways to allow users to generate interest in order to achieve the purchase.

2000 years ago, marketing is very simple, an ad, a fortune. And after 2000, with the interest of the Internet, with the entry of foreign marketing ideas, domestic marketing means more and more cattle, marketing bull also appeared one by one. We are currently marketing ideas, in fact, mostly accurate, through precise channels, the information we convey, accurate communication to the intention of the user there.

with the progress of technology, the accuracy of the channel, accurate communication has been more and more easy to achieve, and we want to convey information, but increasingly become the essence of marketing. Here, please allow me to call the user’s stepfather marketing.

before marketing, transfer information mostly around the aspects of characteristics, the reputation of the product itself and guide guidance habits, allowing users to understand the products, instilling habits and reputation, with the advantage of marketing channel, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing. Now the marketing, gradually began to separate from the product itself, and is called a kind of spiritual communication. Two examples of Chu orange – inspirational orange (70 years of entrepreneurship, never admit defeat), Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao – the power forward (through the star, the car as a profound power to spread).

I do not know if there is no one thought about this issue, the spirit of marketing communication, in order to convey what? Personally feel that this is to convey a sense of belonging, a sense of trust. Like the stepfather, obtained the child’s confidence and sense of belonging. The same is true of the user, all of our marketing purposes, is through the user’s sense of belonging, sense of value, entertainment to get the user’s trust.

of course, it is undeniable that many companies are still doing the promotion of product characteristics, the effect is also very good.

say again.

strictly speaking, the product is also a part of marketing, marketing backbone.

if, precision marketing, access to the user’s trust, experience the user’s products. At this time, the meaning of the product is particularly important, not only will involve two purchases, but also involved in the sale, reputation and other issues.

feel so, products do users of mother. If you want to know what the user wants, and give the. For example, children want to eat beef noodles, mother must meet, have to reconcile with word of mouth, the maximum to meet the children > envy

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