Two points on the U S group and the public comment from different marketing strategy analysis
on March 8, 2017

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on two U.S. corporations and public comment marketing strategy from different analysis: why choose building advertising? Why is the main city different?

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IT Time as the group purchase website left much of the leader, the U.S. group and the public comment in the recent rush marketing strategy posture is very obvious. U.S. group and public comment, although a stake in Ali, a strategic investment by Tencent, the two groups are actively planning to buy the site listed. In order to compete for the user and a marketing war will become a strategic observation of both homely food, marketing recently, there are some similarities in different places. In this paper, the author makes a deep analysis of the reasons for the same and different marketing strategies.


remember the original Cool 6 network founder Li Shanyou said a word, "Internet entrepreneurs must while crying while running, (even) sometimes call is more important than running


this sentence, I believe that most people are familiar with the circle, a lot of entrepreneurs is personally. The United States Mission and the public comments such as the electricity supplier in the field of and Le Feng, female APP in the field of beauty grapefruit and aunt, in the field of group purchase…… Are all well versed in this.

today, we talk about the "thousand group war" stay hot "player" — the U.S. group and the public comments, see how they call

?A few days before

, chat and circle of friends, he said, a very interesting phenomenon: the U.S. group and public comment in the recent focus on building advertising, the U.S. group mainly invested a second city, public comment on the three or four line of the city. Obviously, the two has entered a new round of fighting and shouting.

but we all know not, as with the life of group purchase website, they have no choice such as TV and radio to the public channel, they are choosing to focus advertisements for the battlefield, and the strategy is also a great difference. The main group of a second tier city, "the beauty of a group, a" small ads was fresh and art fan; the main public comment on the three or four line of the city, "five dollars happiness is what" advertising is simple and direct, down to earth.

obviously, public comments and the group behind the marketing battle strategy and logic is profound, and focus on the different choice of city, is reflected in the two match of the situation.

the first question: why the United States Mission and the public comment on the choice of public buildings for advertising battlefield


I think it can be explained from two dimensions.

1 information transmission model of the inevitable

is known to all, the United States Mission and public comment are typical of the O2O, the line is connected to the consumer line is an important form of business, but also the basic path of user access and conversion of information. Therefore, the precise user hunting online and offline, for them, is of great importance.

however, get the letter from the consumer

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