How to use Baidu space to bring traffic
on March 8, 2017

webmaster friends know Baidu on its website weight is always very high, whether it is Baidu know, or Post Bar or Baidu space, a lot of popular search terms are in the front row, if successful part of the flow into your website, it will be of great benefit.

this article on how to introduce a little bit of traffic from Baidu space to share their experience, feel useful friends support.

specific operation is simple:

first step: register Baidu users. Remember the user name to use the keywords you want to do or your site name (the user name is the best Chinese characters).

second step: open Baidu space. In front of you registered name space username (reason: Baidu space title naming rules: the name _ space name). Template to change a little bit, remove the album, such as the message, you can add some custom templates, content can be the key to promote your website or website.

third step: add articles. From your web site to select more popular high-quality articles sent to space. And the point to send a full back plus source connection, was a part plus the source link, ha ha.

talked about here, we estimated that already understand, and not much to say, to do is to choose from time to time your website to send high-quality articles to your space.

I used this method to customer website promotion second days to see results, probably introduced more than and 700 IP.

This is a small

skills website flow Oh, a try.

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