Network promotion activities hard wide combination of boxing
on March 8, 2017

e-commerce is the essence of trading. Buyers and sellers of the definition of low cost to buy, sell high prices. The marketing people, or e-commerce is defined as the sale of low cost to sell, a high number of buy, my opinion is that the number of goods and sales costs can have a large space to operate. I put on the advertising experience is the amount of 4000 yuan on the day, the monthly output of about 100 thousand, mainly including the search and the portal hard wide, the ratio is 1:1.

search bidding: after our launch experience (Note: non retail e-commerce), the main lies in Baidu, Sogou, YAHOO supplement, GOOGLE is seo. Search promotion is very limited, such as Baidu, the key word is very high, the keyword is too wide, the conversion rate is too low, the keyword is too concentrated, the coverage is too small. We focus on a single product launch, a key collection, expanded into a series of keywords, for example (in this case the notional): "Levsi501" is a single product keywords, " levsi501 ", "where to buy buy; Levsi501, " Levsi501" bought online; and a series of cases of words. Because Baidu is just an entrance, the most powerful and most profitable products as the entrance to the purpose of the introduction of the customer to achieve.

portal hard wide: vertical portal is preferred, centralized user groups. A mobile e-commerce, often in the Pacific version of the mobile phone on the Banner hard wide. Through the hard wide relationship, release effective soft Wen, such as " iPhone software crack " such a single product recommendation article.

I see, now the "low cost small" network have become few hard wide appeal, the best way is to combine activity + hard wide "and" single product + soft text ". The combination of these two combinations with good results. The main channel is locked in the "bidding" and "portal", through the strength of the activities of the call.


liweishi is Ali’s mother in the choice of advertising, recommendation for a activities, is in the operation of the user registration is the spread of the Olympic registration send one hundred yuan ". Weeks of very small amount of investment, is the time to Amoy advertising time. Investment is not large, but the effect is good. The Olympic registration send one hundred yuan from the beginning of August 8th, the end of August 30th, it has been the time of 2/3, users registered on an average of 5 people, per capita cost is 1.2 yuan, the effective information, real name, real QQ, real email. In this regard, our customer service staff one by one to send a message to establish a friend QQ.

in the liweishi could not be operated in a large range is a pity, so the only activity + hard wide operating ideas that get the initial certification, hope to have the opportunity to a large number of proposals for operation demonstration report.

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