Ticket storm VS penguin Faye Wong concert line is very lively on the line
on March 8, 2017

from the December 30th draws near, Faye Wong "a magic music" Concert News more and more, including the staggering price of tickets and digital Kingdom and Tencent respectively LiveMusic, VR micro video whale VR concert broadcast news cooperation.


network transmission concert area before a row of middle infield pushed up to 280 thousand, the A District, a row of position tickets and even pushed up to 600 thousand. Even the cattle advertising display, 1 rows of 1 No. 2 is price of up to 1 million.

in recent days, however, the media broke, Faye Wong astronomical concert tickets actually not many people to buy, many tickets are not sold out.

concert tickets are divided into 1800, 5800, 7800 yuan of three grades. Of which 7800 yuan to buy tickets to fans and souvenir, including Faye Wong Tiffany, father Malone commemorative Necklace perfume, handbags and wallets of Li bona.

tickets in the barley online line instantly sold out, we have a ticket for 600 thousand or even 1 million yuan news. However, according to the revelations, "barley net only points to 800 tickets" 8900 tickets in the source said there are a large number of tickets at the ticket, micro Tencent Magnolia and compass hands did not sell, so there are now some ticketing website began to price of foreign sales.

objectively speaking, this concert is a fan of the economy itself is willing to make a wish to act, but this change to the "hunger marketing" how to make some fans have a big feeling is I. Faye Wong as a singer may feel the fans group, but for others, short-lived business can make money is delicious.

concert live online offline bustling, the same fierce competition. The concert VR live, turned into a confrontation between the micro whale VR and Tencent video live music.

in June this year, came the news of Faye Wong to open the concert, there was news that Ali music to 100 million yuan to buy the right to live webcast of the concert of Faye Wong.


September 9th, Faye Wong "magic music a" 2016 press conference held in Beijing, announced the global "just a" concert will be held in Shanghai in December 30, Tencent LiveMusic video global exclusive network broadcast rights. The general manager of the Tencent video copyright cooperation Han Zhijie, Shanghai Magnolia company chairman Zhuang Ming, Faye Wong and agent Chen Jiaying attended the conference.


there is still anecdotal rumors, with billions of dollars of the cost of video Tencent got exclusive network broadcast rights. Right, not wrong, this time the external argument are exclusive.

PR and in the past, has become a "digital kingdom in December 14, 2016, 3 of the parent company and the owner of digital content creation and kingdom Group Co. Ltd. and Tencent announced online video platform video Chinese leading to >.

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