Looking back on the history of a failure of the Webmaster Station Road
on March 8, 2017

to write this article for a long time, but I always feel unable to write, every time before sleep to think about yourself so will fail. Today, or to share these, let’s see if you can give a good suggestion?

05 years of graduation, after graduation for a few months at home, because I do not know what they can do. The main thing is that they have no expertise. And then look at the side of the friends, one of them began to have a job, he also began to try to cast a resume. At that time what is more popular web standards, and I feel I have done a good job in this regard. Interviewed the two companies, and then began a new starting point in life in July.

was based on Web Design jobs in the 3 months later resigned from the first job, because the company was poor, but largely felt the company and my own requirements a lot of difference, just graduated from the heart’s high duck away.

has been playing for a while and went to another company, and this time it’s a web based job. The main scope of the work is to make the effect of the map to meet the web standard HTML page, then the work flow division is very fine, planning – Design – production – program – editor, are a line down. Working here for a year and a half, and I like to get along with colleagues, but also in the team’s cooperation is a wonderful feeling, and now feel so. In this year, began to get his first site, not stop, just a blog, is used in the LBS program (now lbs not updated), the website is thingness.cn/blog, then they just want to record a work study article, but the development of today the line is complete. In fact, this site is the only revenue website, ha ha, it can be considered a profitable station, although it can not afford to spend more than how much money a lot of other sites in the past, how much money into the venture. In China, personal website can have several profit model? GG advertising, Baidu promotion, alliance advertising, selling links. I only know these, but these can earn money to support their families and those sites? My blog is also selling links to increase revenue. Ha ha, because of my pr=5 ah, so every increase in the connection of a key word, I will pay more than 80 dollars to increase security. Many people say that PR is of no use. But now people are watching PR, no PR people do not link with you?

06 years in March, I feel there is no other development in the company, resolutely resigned, was still a small group of officials. And played a month to join another company, which is now serving the company. At that time, I was in front of the interface development work to join, and soon by the company’s reuse. So my work involves planning, UE, and now also said to enhance the operation to go, but think about their own station, do not do, the operation can do it?

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