B2C electricity supplier website organizational structure functions and responsibilities set
on March 10, 2017


1, customer service functions and operations

customer service team is divided into customer service training, customer service operations and performance and assessment of the three groups, which is the core of customer service operations, several other departments mainly to assist and cooperate with customer service operations.

group is responsible for the customer service telephone consultation, customer service telephone and online customer service consulting, product consulting, order processing, customer service, customer service consulting, customer visits, active customer mining and marketing services, under the customer, the customer service commissioner in charge under the


customer service training group is responsible for the customer service manual (manual, manual, product consulting advisory visit manual, online consulting Handbook), training customer service skills and customer service skills, correct bad habits, improve service satisfaction; (see customer management manual)

performance and audit team is responsible for the supervision and inspection of customer service quality, reduce the rate of bad consulting, customer service staff for the work of assessment and evaluation.

2, marketing functions and operations

marketing department responsible for foreign cooperation, promotion and publicity work, including search engine marketing, EDM marketing, website cooperation, media cooperation, news speculation, reputation cooperation, activities and seminars; responsible for the research and analysis of the CRM system, including membership level, integration mechanism, customer active mechanism, communication mechanism, optimize the shopping process. To improve the user experience, to develop CRM marketing strategy, analysis of sales data, user purchase behavior, and ultimately improve order conversion rate.

The function of

marketing department includes two parts: the external is to promote the cooperation, the inside is the marketing analysis, the function of the two is cross with each other, and the cooperation must be based on the result of the marketing analysis.

market is divided into three groups: media cooperation, event promotion and marketing analysis.

media promotion is mainly to promote the foreign payment, the purpose is to improve the effective access to the site, improve the effectiveness of the promotion, improve order conversion rate, media promotion strategies must be combined with marketing analysis, site operation and promotion; media promotion is divided into three parts, including the payment of cooperation with Alipay, caifutong, UnionPay online, online banking in various ways such as online payment cooperation, including delivery business, mobile phone payment, credit card and other new business mode of cooperation in various forms of payment payment; network promotion including search engine marketing (Baidu and Google), EMD, and the vertical cooperative marketing portal website promotion cooperation and CPS on cooperation, continuous innovation in the promotion the depth of cooperation, improve the operation; analysis function is to analyze the various delivery channel effect, constantly adjust delivery strategy, continuously improve the production ratio.

B2C electronic commerce website media exposure and show a direct impact on the conversion rate and user loyalty, through the news writing, event planning and execution, public relations, brand interviews and word-of-mouth marketing etc. various ways to keep the user penetration of website brand concept, the "

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