Electricity supplier Guild Wars 6 18
on March 10, 2017

50 million red sweepstakes, super $0 purchase, I pay the whole network courier, the whole network zero profit, the whole network parity, the difference back"…… The beginning of June 18th, related to the Jingdong store, suning.com (micro-blog), Tmall (micro-blog), network promotion Gome Kuba, dangdang.com, Amazon, a shop on a business tycoon let consumers dazzling. In order to win the favor of consumers, these dealers have come up with special skills, spending huge sums to join the melee.

this melee fuse, is the Jingdong mall in June 18th the day of the anniversary activities, and eventually became a Jingdong in the mall "encirclement". But for consumers, the day is an online shopping carnival, the major electricity supplier promotional and daily turnover of hundreds of millions of very awesome.

Jingdong announced the mall, mall Jingdong "6· 18" anniversary again to refresh the record sales, all day long to create effective 1 million 500 thousand orders, single day turnover of 1 billion 16 million yuan. Among them, a total of 8 hours of computer sold a total of 30 thousand units, with an average of one second sold; routers, U disk and other single product sales each break through 100 thousand, an average of half a second each sold.

earned pours more than a Jingdong. Tmall Electric City disclosure, "6· 18" sales growth of 400% over the same period last year, suning.com "6· 18" first day also created tens of millions of users online at the same time, a new record of orders per second peak over a thousand pens on-line since, even as the system pressure appeared at the "data embolism" situation.

a shopping assistant pointed out that "6· 77.5%" 18 anniversary of Jingdong hot commodity for nearly 3 months, the lowest price, the 48% lowest whole network. "6· 18" the Jingdong not only traffic surge, Suning, Kuba, Tmall also rose, the average increase of 65.4%.

for consumers, the price storm is a rare opportunity to consumption, to a greater extent stimulated by the recent weakness in the consumer market, especially the domestic consumer market as the main body of the price surge. Following the home appliances to the countryside and after the new year, the new year’s new energy-saving appliances subsidy policy introduced soon, due to the higher threshold, fewer subsidies, the market has not yet been widely activated.

"in the first half of this year to complete the full year sales target of 6 billion, while in the 3C household appliance sales will also establish electricity supplier industry first place, we didn’t choose this time to make price war, but at this stage must be the price war." Suning.com executive vice president Li Bin said.

data show that from the beginning of April, Jingdong, Tmall, suning.com and other 7 companies, a total investment of 5 billion 800 million "ammunition" rush summer appliance price war, in addition to Tmall, the other 6 appliance business transactions in 2012 at around 130 billion, taking into account.

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