Baidu know the website promotion method will become chicken ribs
on March 10, 2017

do network promotion of the people know, in Baidu know the answer to the site promotion is a good promotion method. However, since the recent period of time, Baidu know promotion method has gradually become a tasteless gesture of chicken ribs! After Nanning SEO laboratory in the recent period of time, and constantly check and test, have been gradually confirmed: Baidu has been vigorously resisted by Baidu know web site promotion, the specific phenomenon are as follows:

1, the answer is prohibited with the url.

answered the contents of the web site with the address, it can be said, no matter how good your answer, how correct, you are difficult to pass the audit, that is, can not be displayed in the answer. If you want to remove the URL to answer second times, sorry, you have submitted the answer, is under review…… Even the answer is not to answer you again!

2, the answer needs to be audited.

as for the manual audit, or system intelligence audit, it is unknown. But one thing is certain, as long as your answer hints: "in the audit……" Then, out of the question, also is not through, no matter how long you, your answer is always kept in the audit, until the problems are closed


3, can only answer three questions every day.

more than three questions, and sometimes even more than two questions can not be answered, and you find the answer to the question is white busy, wasting your time! Maybe you will say, I answered the question can be answered more than and 10 ah. Then I would like to ask you, you are not the result of the following answer:

then I can tell you that the answer to this question will always be automatic submission, never submitted. If you don’t believe it, you can come back in a few days to see if you have any questions. Nanning SEO laboratory after many tests are not, that is to say, the tips of the problem, your answer is a waste of time and energy! If you can answer the picture should be prompt, as shown below:

for Baidu know so "improvement", I think he should be in order to resist the junk information and links, so that the problem can get the right answer. But he did not expect to do so, the following drawbacks:

1, members of the problem to reduce the enthusiasm of the. Only three questions a day, only to get a few points, the real problem can not solve the problem.

2, members want the right answer more difficult. Some of the answers are very good, but because of the introduction of a web site has been in the submission, that no one can see the answer.

, Baidu know promotion way is for us to make chicken ribs, website promotion, have to find a new breakthrough and direction of it. This article starts at the SEO laboratory in Nanning:, Huan >

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