T to ten outstanding people unremittingly folly
on March 10, 2017

you’re busy. You can not be saved after the fire. Technology is changing at a faster rate. You do what you should do. So, not surprisingly even smart IT professionals can do some stupid things. China station. Long station

first thing

. China. Station

      1 tired of staring at emerging technologies and providing technical patterns.

      enterprise 2? Bah! Software? Hum! We now use the technology we have used for many years to do very well. Thanks!

      second things

      2 neglect training and professional development investment.

      the people of your team will never leave because the job market is bad. Am I right? Am I right?

      third things

      3 separate the IT budget from the facility.

      how much electricity can be consumed by dozens of servers? What is the difference between using power saving technology?

      fourth things

      4 simply look at security issues from a technical standpoint.

      your users must know that they should not download sensitive data to the hard disk. No one would be stupid to click on a phishing attack email.

      fifth things

      5 when it comes to this, do not lock the laptop.

      this can cause too much argument.

      Sixth things

      6 consider exceptions to remote users rather than rules.

      don’t put their existence in the rules, don’t ask for them as well as internal employees. Your company now employs only a small number of remote employees. Unless you check it.

      seventh things


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