Domestic RSS companies lack a clear profit model of zhuaxia has been sold to watercress
on March 10, 2017

recently, according to the well-known RSS reader zhuaxia network founder Xu Yirong said in early 2009 zhuaxia network has been sold to Douban, and Xu Yirong’s new venture is a female community shopping guide.

According to Xu Yirong

, zhuaxia network as early as the beginning of 2009 has been resold to Douban, and Douban future may catch shrimp nets and watercress nine integration points, but for the sale price, Xu Yirong has not been explained. It is reported that shrimp net and watercress network in 2006 had received A round of investment LIAN sources, and there is news that the shrimp sold to Douban does not rule out the investment will.

at present, the domestic independent RSS company due to the lack of clear profit model and VC investment trust, development and bad. November 2008, the same as the LIAN source of investment in the RSS website FeedSky sold to Teng letter advertising company, its founder, Lv Xinxin, responsible for the company’s Internet marketing business. In February 2010, fruit network founder Liang Gongjun told DoNews, the friends just got funded $1 million case, fruit nets will also make some adjustments in business.

Xu Yirong said in the shrimp net sale after a period of time, he did not engage in a new job, but the electronic commerce community is the main female in March 2010 before the start of your new project. Xu Yirong said that the start-up funds for new projects are from the start-up team, did not introduce institutional funds.

according to reports, the project is in the closed beta stage, more than 10 employees, including two women and R & D personnel (a technology, a product). Xu Yirong said, hoping to recruit more female employees to better understand the user’s psychology, so as to better serve the masses.

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