Google3 8 Festival holiday 38 minutes
on March 10, 2017

17:43 minutes or so, Ma SEO heard in the SEO group in question you can also open the Google friends said and all can not open, check it, Ping a bit, to confirm that Google is a crash.

so Google panic, everyone panic, Baidu laughed, Robin Li smiled.

has been a professional IT people are keen on Google, because of its strong technology is unmatched by other search engines. He is also a member of the Google fans, but today there is such a situation, we are somewhat surprised. What the hell is this? Hacker? That’s terrible.

this time some people laugh, there is a consensus in the SEO sector, Baidu spider is male, while Googlebot is female, in fact, for the study of the two search engines who know that there is a certain reason.

today is a holiday, the world women’s festival, while the Googlebot is going to the feast, so she give yourself a holiday, from his failure to record the end time is at 18:33, the difference before and after time is very clever is 38 minutes, ha ha, very interesting!

fortunately this failure did not result in ranking changes, for us is very lucky, as for Google miners caused by the loss of only she know.

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