Domestic VR enterprises nsta360 Suning strategic investment
on March 10, 2017

August 23 Japanese: Insta360 announced that after hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing and Suning group strategic investment.


‘s strategic investment Suning will provide Insta360 including VR channel cooperation, VR cooperation content including a variety of cooperative service, with Suning in the electricity supplier channels, store resources advantages, in-depth cooperation in the field of VR and Insta360 in.

Insta360 was founded in September 2014, is a focus on the development of panoramic camera technology company. Its services involve wedding, tourism, live in a number of areas. Its products have been officially recommended Facebook, widely sought abroad.

Prior to

, Insta360 has obtained IDG angel investment capital of US $1 million in May 2014, March 2015, Qiming IDG capital A round of financing of $8 million. April 2016 thunder technology led, forright capital, Qiming venture partners with investment financing amounted to hundreds of millions of dollars B round of financing.

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