Baidu issued 09 search list H1N1 influenza not bad money selected
on March 10, 2017

December 28th morning news, the world’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu today officially released the 2009 annual Search Ranking (, "H1N1l flu", "60 anniversary of National Day", "Michael Jackson" and "not bad money" search terms have entered the "top ten" list.

is reported that Baidu’s annual search list is based on the 2009 Chinese Internet users use Baidu search keyword search volume statistics.

Baidu 2009 annual Search Ranking announced a total of 22 list, including the "ten fastest rising" and "top ten search" and "top ten" and "ten memory characters" and "ten network popular culture".

in the "ten fastest rising" list, "H1N1 flu", "Xiao Shenyang", "National Day parade" ranked the top three in 2009, to become the most popular Internet search and China vocabulary; our common experience of the "60 anniversary of National Day" and "A H1N1", "housing prices" etc. appeared in the "top ten" list, in addition to the "2012 doomsday", "Obama in China" and "events" and other social hot events also have the list; "Michael Jackson", "Tsien Hsueshen", "Luo Jing" and "Ji Xianlin" died in 2009 of public figures into the ten in memory of people list, users have through the search on the web to express the enemy planes and grief.

in the "big ten network popular culture" list, users participate in "create" and be like Wu "not bad money", "hide and seek" and "loner", "steal food" and "home for dinner" all list, "Sina micro-blog (" was just launched that is a popular network application among them; the list also reveals the 2009 property market extremely unpopular, not only "rising prices" appeared in the "top ten events", "Beijing prices", "Shanghai prices", "Shenzhen prices" among the "top ten market" before the launch of the gem three armor; also caused the attention of Internet users in the stock market, in the "top ten stocks", "robot", "red medicine" and other new stock list.

this year’s search list also combined with Baidu know the data, released a number of people’s livelihood related to the community, the list of Internet users. In the "list of the ten people’s livelihood", "hukou", "inheritance" and "housing provident fund" in the top three; "baby name", "birthday gift", "online shopping" is the most Internet users in the "ten life"; and in previous years, almost the same. "Insomnia how to do" and "how to lose weight", what is "human flesh search" respectively in the "ten do", "ten", "ten what is the list of the first.

from the beginning of 2002, each year at the end of the year will be released Baidu search list, has been the eighth release.

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