Ma Yun can also use the net goods to respond to complaints from the United States AAFA it
on March 10, 2017

Remember the

in early 2015, when Mr. Ma creative with "net goods" to describe some goods on Taobao, I also wrote a humorous nature "on the net goods explanation, Mr. Ma new contribution to the Chinese language". At that time, the word "net goods" did not seem to attract much attention.

but just recently, according to foreign media reports, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) sent a letter to the office of the U.S. trade representative, Alibaba selling issues complaints. The association also sent a copy of the complaint letter to the chairman of the securities and exchange commission. Under this, Ma can also use the net goods to respond to complaints AAFA?

we look back on Ma’s "net goods" concept, he said: "the outside world called Taobao ‘fake’ a large part of the ‘net goods’. These "net goods" designed by ordinary people, there are no official registration, so belong to the so-called "unofficial" category, in fact, is not so much a fake, some products are original goods, no official certification, but does not mean that this is fake, which belongs to the net goods."

I think, even if the English translation can accurately translate this meaning to the United States, Mr. Ma is estimated to be reluctant to use this concept to respond to complaints AAFA.

AAFA in the letter of complaint will Taobao’s "fake" called "infringing products", then, the true nature of these infringing products is? In my opinion, there are so few categories: "one, some well-known brands of counterfeit goods, infringement of other brand; two, no infringement the brand, but were in violation of copyright patent." This is perhaps Ma had said, there is no official certification of the original commodity – net goods. But these are the "original product" (should be mainly clothing and footwear) net goods (not to say that it is fake), estimated to be violated some brand copyright, otherwise it will not be prosecuted.


, we ordinary people only know the books, movies, music copyright, but also copyright clothing and shoes. In the United States, the fashion industry has copyright protection measures in the fashion industry. CFDA (CFDA Awards) and AAFA is the fashion industry copyright protection measures of promoters, regulations on the legislation of the current version of the "innovative design protection and piracy prevention act (S.3728) Bill" was launched in 2011, "Regulations for intentional plagiarism fashion design products in the case of piracy, Copyright Protection Ordinance should provide a period of three the fashion goods". And a few years ago, CFDA and eBay jointly launched a "You Can’t Fake Fashion" anti piracy and infringement of cooperation projects. "You Can’t Fashion" means: "you can’t fake fashion!"


which can be seen across the ocean for garments and other fashion products copyright attention. But in our country, there is only "copyright law" for such infringement

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