Chinese issued opinions nternet strict drug related crimes
on March 10, 2017 Beijing

on 29 April, the CPC Central Committee and State Council for the implementation of the "opinions" on the strengthening of the comprehensive drug control work, vigorously strengthen the Internet anti drug work, recently, the National Narcotics Control Office led jointly with the Central Propaganda Department, the central network information office, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the State Administration, industrial and commercial administration of the State Post Bureau and other 9 departments issued "on the strengthening of the Internet anti drug work opinions".

National Narcotics Control Office of the relevant person in charge, this is the first China drug-related hit the Internet field of multi department official government documents. "Opinions" as an important part of the system Chinese drug laws, for the first time in the form of normative documents that the party and the state have strict regulation of network drug-related activities in the attitude and determination of the Internet drug control work an important part of the national anti drug work, defined the responsibilities of various departments, the main responsibility and task of the Internet industry rectification punishment measures. "Opinions" as the legal basis for the development of Internet anti drug work, will play an important role in the future of drug control.

the "opinions" clear, Party propaganda net letter, the court and the procuratorate, the public security organ, the competent telecommunication, business administration, postal management and the office of Narcotics Control Commission to strengthen the main responsibility and duties of anti drug work in the division of the internet.

opinions stressed that the Internet industry has the main responsibility in the anti drug work, has the obligation to cooperate with the public security organs of law enforcement investigators, the rapid provision of evidence materials. Internet access service, information service providers should take the initiative to clean up drug-related harmful information, shall not provide communication conditions, channels for drug-related activities. Once found, the release of transmission by using service information belonging to the illegal drug-related information, shall be deleted immediately, keep the relevant records and report to the public security organs. In the event of failure to fulfill the above responsibilities and obligations, it shall be investigated for the legal responsibilities of the founders, the actual managers, and other Internet companies, websites, forums, instant chat groups, etc..

in recent years, the development of information technology and the spread of the spread of the reality of the role of drugs, the rapid development of the Internet as a new platform for drug crimes and communication channels. Faced with the new challenges brought about by the new situation, we must vigorously strengthen the Internet anti drug work, strengthen the management of network positions, a comprehensive purification of the network environment.

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