Youku com CEO Gu Yongqiang video industry is the most expensive hat off
on March 10, 2017 CEO Victor Koo said the video industry is the most burn off


a large video site to be successful at least need to cross the three threshold: more than 100 million yuan of funds into the threshold of the number of video playback more than 100 million of the traffic threshold; advertising revenue exceeded the threshold of 100 million yuan. At present, known as "network video industry began to bid farewell to the" burning "light into the output of the situation, has entered a virtuous cycle.

newspaper news (reporter Xue Song) recently, the largest domestic video website CEO Koo said in an interview with this reporter, the network video industry after four years of "burning" rapid development, now the industry has entered a virtuous cycle, the number of users and revenue growth has been sustained and healthy development.

video industry into a virtuous circle

network video has been called "the most burn in the industry, especially the billions of dollars in revenue in 2009, our industry has entered a virtuous cycle. The major site of the number of users, revenue growth has been sustained and healthy development ", CEO Victor Koo said, in four or five years ago, the field into the difficult, high threshold, has been in the investment does not only output embarrassment.

insiders said that a large video site operating costs of more than one billion yuan per year. The success of the video site at least need to cross the three threshold of 100 million. At present, Youku, potatoes and Ku6 and many other video sites have crossed the threshold.

iResearch recently released the first quarter of 2010 Online Video Industry Data Report said. On the one hand, with the World Expo, the world cup and other major events will lead to a new round of revenue growth. The number of users of video media is high, and the form of advertising is close to the TV media, which makes the video advertising share increase gradually. On the other hand, the video industry advertising revenue share and user browsing time share has been highly concentrated, the future opportunities for small and medium enterprises and the development of space is limited.

the company’s senior analyst Zhao Xufeng said that the video industry in just 4 years, the size of the market from the original 100 million to 1 billion 360 million growth, the compound growth rate of 92%, is expected in the next few years, the video industry will continue to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 60%, to 2013, advertising revenue will exceed 10 billion mark. Reached 10 billion 860 million.

will benefit from the triple play

Gu Yongqiang said that the video industry will benefit from the triple play, in the era of triple play, any enterprise will not have all the core competencies of the broad field, which requires cooperation. For example, in terms of content, the TV station focused on live, and video sites can do effective on-demand. In addition, the purchase of film and television drama copyright is the most important. With the promotion of triple play, the breadth and depth of cooperation will increase, while the video industry operating income continues to expand.

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