To do the source station friends some suggestions
on March 10, 2017

      Internet era unwittingly entered the 2007, China’s Internet is a mess, weed rebirth. A group of self – called "grassroots" revolutionary family based on personal sites, with SEO, acquisition and other technology as a weapon, and gradually want to remember the fort to enter. China is a populous country, the Chinese nation is a hard-working people. The CMS system to improve the network status, for the majority of grassroots workers with great strength, so the DOWNLOAD of a new cloud, a crazy collection, all through the night, not a few days a new book on the Internet to download source station towering mountains. Called "the largest source download site". I admire this kind of personal webmaster, and don’t say they can do, they work, they are in the light of the spirit of "long TAN Fang" can be at the grassroots community. The present situation, know little network of people want to own a website, not to mention the earth there are still people, they want to through the establishment of a personal website to pave a avenue for schmenterprise. There are several predecessors before has become their example, CHINAZ punk is an example, is to download the source code, the China station into everyone should learn from its peers in the joint efforts of Shi shuo. In April this year, held in Xiamen Chinese owners meeting hooligan driving a BMW leisurely to Wang Chenjun, squinting, mouth automatic speaking: bovine XX. XX is indeed a cow, he has such an achievement, the members of our grassroots gens who do not want to have such a day? As the saying goes: Nanjing military and political leaders there? Wanted to write the proposal, but casually write more "heresy", a divided into the topic.

      once concern about the relatively well-known source download stations, each have their own characteristics, each approach, and JZ123 even seen the edge of the soft "master" webmaster wrote some ideas about the source station. The conclusion is that too many stations do not have the source code, there is no future. Many owners have a pessimistic attitude, especially those who just started to do the source download station friends. There is no denying the fact that there are so many of them that we have to do with the source code, and it is not good to copy and collect each other.

      although all done SEO, although in Baidu SITE or more than N, but there are not a few IP. But we can from the stand head and shoulders above others, blaze a new trail?

      can, as long as we change the brain to think, think about it. Our source station from the opening up to now almost a year, from 0IP to more than 8 thousand IP.

      really not easy, during the accumulation of a little bit of experience, now shared out >

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