Should we go crazy for PageRank
on March 11, 2017

buying and selling links have become routine in the search engine business, and the reason why websites rank high is because they have more backlinks. But how to get these backlinks is a problem. This will lead to misleading marketing personnel, every day they use Google tools to monitor their PageRank values, but they do not know that the Google toolbar is displayed on the PR value is a month ago, at the same time there are more effective methods to measure whether the site in search of relatively successful. This is not to say that the link exchange is not good, but on the contrary it brings a lot of.Com millionaire.

The question of

is whether we should buy links. How do we evaluate the value of the link?. On the Internet a lot of amateur websites have shown a very wide range of products, services and information can be well distributed to the consumer groups on the Internet, but they do not have the above links. At the same time, the search engine observed that a large number of links caused by the recent fluctuations in the site rankings will not bring changes to the actual traffic, so it will not affect the site.

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