The fifth session of the Shanghai webmaster talk about the formation of the nternet team
on March 11, 2017

      "you are not alone in the battle!" – the theme of the fifth session of the Shanghai webmaster gathering: the formation of the Internet entrepreneurial team. Or as interest, technology, driven by interests, or for the common values, some have a common goal and has a strong execution team is quickly formed and rising, they are working together to form a cohesive force, fighting.

      following the fourth stage success of success and failure of Web site operators "brainstorming, we held this and every successful website is closely related to the formation of the team topic. The theme of the fifth phase of the meeting will still be under the guidance of a webmaster host, "target team" and the site of the exchange, about the formation, operation, management, as well as market development process. We may find the factors to success in the Internet business team, to summarize the factors that might lead to failure to want to build the team, team owners or operation of the team is encouraging the courage and the significance.

      in the wave of Internet entrepreneurs, you insist on personal hard work model, or to build a team line? Let’s brainstorm to explore how to build the Internet entrepreneurial team.

      SWP is looking for 4 "target team", requiring the target team has at least 3 members. Welcome to the team to the Shanghai webmaster Association registration, we will filter out the story of the entrepreneurial team has become a target".

co organizer: China E mobile network (continue to solicit co organizer)

time: Saturday, September 15, 2007 13:00-18:00

location: Room 1, 3rd floor, Jingan District cultural center, No. 459 Urumqi North Road, Jingan District cultural center,

participants: personal webmaster, Internet operators, management, operations, technology and other practitioners

number: 80-100

fee: no

party content and process:

13:00-13:30 party sign in;

13:30-13:50 party host introduces the theme and the conference process, etc.;
13:50-14:00 co organizer of the theme of the speech;
14:00-16:00 webmaster brainstorming – the formation of the Internet entrepreneurial team;

16:00-16:15 rest for a moment;

16:15-16:45 webmaster self display;
16:45-17:45 free communication;
18:00 fifth party gathering ends

participants with the target team sign up:


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