HTML5 global popularity accelerated is expected to end iOS and Android boundaries
on March 11, 2017

HTML5 or will become the future of mobile Internet era subversive.

5 years ago, when the first iPhone was born, Jobs flatly rejected the FlashPlayer, while the choice of HTML5 (new web standard) to replace the function of Flash. He predicted, although at this stage of the original application gives users a good experience, but based on the application of the web can represent the future."

June 28th, Adobe FlashPlayer announced that it will fully withdraw from the Google store, turn to HTML5; at the same time, developed by Mozila FirefoxOS intelligent mobile phone operating system based on HTML5 also officially released.

insiders told the "daily economic news" reporter said, in the rapid changes in technology, the prophecy of Jobs is expected to achieve, HTML5 will become the next generation of mobile Internet killer.

bridge iOS and Android

recently, developed by the U.S. browser giant Mozilla, HTML5 based smartphone operating system FirefoxOS officially released.

MozillaCEOKovacs said that the boundaries between the browser and the operating system is fuzzy, they hope to release a mobile open platform based on HTML5, built directly on the mobile phone application to the bottom, get rid of dependence on iOS, Android and other platforms.

Mozilla Online Ltd (MozillaOnline) CEO palace to the "daily economic news" reporter said, FirefoxOS is an open operating system, open source, it is all the source code and project progress will be published on the internet. "FirefoxOS allows HTML5 applications into the underlying feature phone, all phone functions are a HTML5 application, you can use the same network applications on different platforms, developers do not need to develop different versions."

it is understood that FirefoxOS reduces the operating system level, will reduce the power consumption of smart phones. In addition, FirefoxOS is free, while Microsoft WindowsPhone to each terminal to collect royalties for $20, Android equipment manufacturers have to pay licensing fees to Google, so FirefoxOS price can be lower than the Android system, mobile phone manufacturers will be able to produce about 300 yuan products.

Ovem analyst NickDillon said, the price advantage will be the FireFoxOS killer.

Mozilla also announced that, including Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Smart, Sprint, Italy Telecom, telecom and other telecommunications companies are preparing to Firefo>

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