The new generation of entrepreneurs have three high characteristics
on March 14, 2017

Chinese has incomparable creative spirit and perseverance, since ancient times has no shortage of entrepreneurs. But in the past most of the business is forced by life, and the current era of the new generation of entrepreneurs is more in order to achieve the ideal or make a profit. Highly educated, highly skilled, high starting point to become their characteristics.

optimize the employment structure promotion of entrepreneurship

from the type of business, private enterprises have become the main focus Chinese entrepreneurial activities, is an important factor affecting the employment structure change. The report quoted the statistics of the administration of industry and commerce, the data pointed out that in 2013, the number of state-owned enterprises in the proportion of domestic enterprises fell from 20% in 2008 to 17%, the proportion of collective enterprises decreased from 30% to 25%.

corresponding to the private enterprise employment population is increasing year by year. The number of urban employment in private enterprises increased from 29 million 940 thousand in 2004 to about 82 million 420 thousand in 2013. Private enterprises have become a "base camp"".

The report shows

Analysis of Beijing Normal University Labor Market Research Center Director Lai Desheng released

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