Leonardo wrote in the literature and calligraphy calligraphy show Rome
on March 14, 2017

for the new movie scene, once again came to the small plum Chinese, the small plum is a talent show, Leonardo calligraphy, writing with a brush Chinese under the name "Li", let’s take a look at the actor’s style!


movie "wilderness Hunter" was released less than three days, by the end of March 20th 16 p.m. the harvest is the national box office 180 million. In order to thank the audience Chinese support, March 20th, Hollywood star Leonardo? Dikapuli Ott to fly to Beijing, to meet with the China audience friends, this is the first time Leonardo in the movie China meeting.

in literature and calligraphy show Rome

"wilderness Hunter" conference at the scene, Leonardo handsome appearance, then played a big show of Chinese, the doctrine of "Hello, I love Beijing" with the guests and fans say hello, this is the first time he came to the HUAWEI movie site. "It is a great honor for me to be here in Beijing and to introduce such a film to you. It is a very special opportunity for me, too." Conference site Leonardo said.

when received by Chinese famous calligrapher Mr. Tian Boping calligraphy works of creation ", Leonardo God helps those who help themselves" the implication of this gift is philosophy and sincerely admire, brush carefully wrote his Chinese nickname "Li", and expressed strong interest in "calligraphy" of the traditional art Chinese. A "rough" font also caused a scene everyone a piece of cheers and applause. Leonardo said that these gifts will be returned to his home in Losangeles, in Hollywood, to his friends to see, this is his Chinese calligraphy works, definitely the first time.


as an environmental advocate, Leonardo in response to media interview said "when I was in the Oscar awards, is very concerned about the issue of climate change and we know that China and America are two major countries in the climate issue, I think in Chinese recently this time has been achieved very good, such as make a recommendation

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