s entrepreneurship or be entrepreneurial you have been kidnapped venture
on March 14, 2017

entrepreneurship is now the most popular topic, however, not all entrepreneurs have a cavity enthusiasm has been a response to the return. In the domestic business more hot speculation today, "entrepreneurship" this topic has become more and more fashionable, tall, often talked about entrepreneurship, able to associate, CEO, overbearing president thousand million dollars financing, various news media, the NASDAQ bell picture. However, have you ever thought, whether you are in business or in the "venture"   you have been kidnapped?

actually this kind of entrepreneurial behavior is not rational, because the business is not open a shop, hired several employees to get more support, not a Korean friend, post a mask, sell the sellers in the circle of friends, a derivative of the thing. On the contrary, entrepreneurship is a very hard thing to force.

as Lei Jun said, it is not a man to do, is worthless dry, a normal person will not choose entrepreneurship. Because the choice of entrepreneurship, chose a very painful life, stress, confusion, others do not understand or even despise, can really succeed just a few, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have become a paving stone.

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