Deserve to learn jewelry chain mature business model
on March 14, 2017

either male or female, for the fashion ornaments have a deep fascination, so the jewelry chain business prospects, and know the development of the market potential is very important, must grasp the essential business skills.

Send a single: you want to send a single and send a single operation if the training and target assessment, quantity and quality have reached a certain standard. Bar chain romantic rat asked the clerk does not look at the data, can accurately according to the standard name should dialogue. The staff should be familiar with the promotion content, the clerk can not read the leaflets, both fluent in the rules of the game and promotional content, a clear understanding of the activities of the operation.

inventory of goods in different areas, local storage, to clear the number of rings, easy to find. According to the display requirements to achieve a good display of the main push products, ready to music, the layout of the atmosphere. The promotion period, water chains arrange romantic rat shop scheduling.


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