The immortal taro legendary franchise how
on March 14, 2017

Taiwan has always been a lot of food, what dessert, snacks. This is a delicacy today is the innovation and on the basis of the tradition, it is Taiwan immortal taro legend.

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Taiwan delicacy immortality, taro, waiting for the immortal taro legend, finally heavy landing. The other diners to scream immortal taro, trigger a new round of wealth legend. The "immortal taro legend" is elected "money shop crown", every day to sell crazy month honeymoon! Hot sense, hot reason, we believe that good business is not a legend, but made out of



the immortal taro legendary brand?

inherits the roots of immortal taro delicacy, feeling the unique charm of the culture of Taiwan. Retain the traditional essence and discard the dross of traditional and new desserts: Immortal taro legend, never a lack of innovation, constantly innovation. Personality style and charm, the first time to seize curiosity about new characteristics, the whole situation presents Taiwan taro dessert for authentic, green health, modern consumers successfully capture the pursuit of individuality, emphasizing fashion. Allow diners to enjoy the full bite, cool in the end of the sweet experience.

immortal taro legendary unique charm to the culture of Taiwan as a basis for a bold innovation in maintaining the traditional essence into modern fashion elements, at the same time, the introduction of Taiwan taro dessert, pure green and healthy, instantly captured thousands of customers from the heart. With the simplicity of the ancient taste of how much of the customer’s local feelings, with a delicious, healthy, and a thick cultural atmosphere. The immortal legend of taro in a coffee shop, restaurant, book bar, dance hall is no longer fresh today, people have a unique space, where diners can taste alone and away from the hubbub of downtown, serenity, you can invite friends and family to accompany the savor the taste of nature.

what are the advantages of joining the immortal taro legend:

regional advantage: agents can choose the excellent shop business district, well placed.

price advantage: agents themselves enjoy the lowest price allocation of resources, the agency has the authority to develop price in the region, there is a relative price competitive advantage.

monopoly advantage: agents enjoy the right to operate, manage, expand the right to exclusive monopoly in the agency area, without interference, multi-level, multi-channel business.

investment advantages: self development of lower level agents and agent stores in its regional headquarters; agents to assist the development of every development of franchise stores, franchise stores, agents can enjoy the rebate


purchasing advantages: all agents, distributors, distributors and sub distributors in the agency area are supplied directly by agents

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