How to develop modern animal husbandry in Zigong
on March 15, 2017

with the continuous progress of society, science and technology have been greatly developed, the use of scientific management methods to develop modern animal husbandry is undoubtedly a wise move. Cooperate with other livestock Science Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity, Sichuan Province Institute of scientific research in implementing this project 20, the introduction, demonstration and promotion of Tibet pig, Shu Xuan huaniu and Guimu No. 1, 16 new varieties of grass livestock, 22 new technology automatic control technology of straw, livestock and farming, animal husbandry is expected this year science and technology contribution rate reached 65%, an increase of 5%.

issued "on the developing characteristic advantages of accelerating the construction of modern animal husbandry animal husbandry advice" and other policy support, solve the problem of capital, land, taxation, credit, financing and water and electricity and other modern animal husbandry development; the integration of southern counties, modern animal husbandry grassland animal husbandry and other project funds, leveraging the capital and business private capital more than 500 million yuan investment in modern animal husbandry; carry out the policy of the hog price index insurance and aquaculture, animal husbandry, the natural disease and market risk coverage.

to promote the "three one" identification of livestock product safety certification, the city pollution-free, green, organic and geographical indications of animal products were 26, 5, 1 and 2; Sichuan Baernong group, Zigong animal husbandry animal husbandry food more than and 30 days of animal husbandry industrialization leading enterprises founded the Zigong cold eat rabbits and the pilot, Baltimore, a famous brand 45, animal husbandry brand advantage into market competitiveness.

how to develop modern animal husbandry in Zigong. Through the introduction of the article that you have a clearer understanding of the development strategy, at the same time, it is worth noting that, in the development of modern animal husbandry in Zigong City, also carry the clenbuterol raw milk, such as special rectification action, strict market access of animal products and animal products quality and safety responsibility, strengthen animal husbandry and aquaculture inputs processing and sales, full supervision, strengthen disinfection, immunity and disease monitoring, supervision and guidance to strengthen the scale livestock and poultry farms waste utilization, strict animal health supervision and law enforcement, the city’s animal husbandry production, and for many years without ecological quality safety accident.

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