Successful entrepreneurial experience sharing
on March 15, 2017

in our side, there are many successful entrepreneurs, their experience, want to start a friend is very helpful to learn from their experience, so that we can avoid detours. Today, the reporter interviewed the successful entrepreneur Li Bo, to listen to his entrepreneurial experience.

A: Kaoshanchishan


experience three: sincere service

business on the right track, Li Bo suggested that entrepreneurs must be sincere service. She also encountered in the business process of customer returns and maintenance. She said that customers to return, you have to buy goods than the customer’s attitude is better, so as to have a good reputation, to bring more customers.

it seems that Li Bo’s entrepreneurship is twists and turns, of course, behind every successful entrepreneur, have experienced all kinds of difficulties, this is inevitable. If you have a business plan, you may wish to look at the experience of others to share, learn from the essence, for me, growing their own, you are that some day in the future, the envy of the success.


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