What is the principle of new cigarette sales
on March 15, 2017

for new cigarette sales, not only has the skills and tricks can be mastered by operators at the same time, there is a need to comply with certain principles, so as to make new cigarette sales more smoothly. So, what is the principle of new cigarette sales? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

1. Cigarette retailers should understand the characteristics of the new brand of cigarettes.

imagine, consumers face the new brand of cigarette and consulting questions every day, if the retail customers hesitated, cannot answer why consumers, how will the new cigarette brand identity and buy it. So, retail customers can know the new cigarette in tobacco online platform, grasp the new characteristics of cigarette, such as: origin, production date, type, content of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide, taste etc.. When the consumer consultation, in order to make the consumers satisfied answer fluently. Consumer satisfaction, the new brand of cigarettes can be sold out.

Displays great to do with the cigarette cigarette sales of two,


in order to promote new products to the new cigarette brand on the smoke cabinet of the most renowned position, not only is to make an eye can see, is to let the customer know how important this new brand of cigarette position in my shop, I shop fancy cigarette brand is good, give the customer a psychological suggestion. Moreover, as a result of the new brand unfamiliar and human innate curiosity, customers will be asked about the new brand of cigarettes, so you have the opportunity to explain to customers and promote the new brand of cigarettes. With the deepening of the explanation, the customer to the new brand of cigarettes to increase understanding, will have a try psychology, also reached the purpose of your referral.

three, the new brand of cigarettes, to seize every opportunity to publicize whenever and wherever possible.

in the daily retail business, most retail customers face many are some old customers, are crystal clear on their preferences and habits, which is a strong suction love, love what some of the cotton run an antidote against the disease, and recommend the appropriate characteristics to their new brand of cigarettes. Because of "targeted", more often have successfully recommended. Every time customers, if the customer does not specify what to smoke, should actively recommend the new brand to them, not to mind taking the trouble to introduce them to their new brand of cigarette characteristics etc.. There is also a situation when the customer does not smoke the inventory, you can also recommend the same price to the customer, the new brand close to the character, there will be a good recommendation.

now many retailers are aware of the new cigarette has a very large profit margins, if properly managed, making money is a very easy thing. However, in the specific operation of the time but can not grasp the relevant principles, leading to the operation has been limited. So, if you want to succeed in the operation of new cigarettes, the above referred to as small

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