Slow paced entrepreneurship in Xiamen is also a way
on March 15, 2017

entrepreneurship should choose what kind of city? Is the focus on the market? Or is there a low cost of human resources? This may have different answers for different entrepreneurs. Even the beautiful and slow pace of Xiamen, there are a lot of entrepreneurs expressed favor.

in many people’s minds, Xiamen is a very "slow city", she is beautiful and quiet, the people who live here do not seem to have a strong desire to change ambitions. That few people will take the "entrepreneurial" two words with Xiamen: entrepreneurship is not the extremely hard and bitter? Entrepreneurial environment is not like the North Canton as fast rhythm it?

this idea with Xiamen more and more innovation and entrepreneurship programs have changed. For example, in 2015, the company’s total number of mobile end users more than 1 billion 200 million, which is located in Xiamen, Internet Co has become the world’s personal image of the Internet manager". In addition, similar to the "beauty" of the word, understands the user psychology beauty grapefruit, beauty beauty, easy online Xiamen startups in this year also gain a mass of users and reputation. Only a mild and beautiful city of Xiamen, in order to produce so many love mobile Internet products." Meitu Xiu Xiu investors, long lead investment partner Ni Yingwei think, Xiamen City temperament product quality in a certain extent, "the way of life in Xiamen can sell".

can start, but also a good life, perhaps this is the soft power of Xiamen. Of course, there are a series of incentives to attract entrepreneurs. This year, Xiamen issued a "increase support to support strong measures on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples to create Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base city implementation opinions", the public record space such as coming out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and create a good environment for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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