Chen Dingguo to create a warm atmosphere can make the product selling
on March 16, 2017


sales season can make the product sales, but for a shopkeeper any natural did not hope the products can be sold for more time. However, want to let the product realization season hot, this is the need to pay attention to skills. Below, let Xiaobian with everyone to know how to operate a chen.

as the saying goes: the wine is also afraid of deep alley. In the busy season, publicity is a must. In recent years, more and more people here, we go to work every year, these in the field working in the big city people will return home during the Spring Festival, these people will be the Spring Festival I shop cigarette consumption "main force".

of people who smoke, cigarette brand and specification itself shows a person’s dignity, identity, status, everyone wants to be respected in society, especially the old workers hope to lend a smoke the opportunity to get praise, a novel and unique taste, packaging the unique cigarette can earn enough to face them.

therefore, the end of delivery, in addition to ensure adequate supply, an ample supply of selling Volkswagen smoke, I will select a few moderate price, novel and unique new cigarette packaging, put them in different price, different brands and packaging color, orderly display in the most prominent smoke cabinet position. In order to attract the attention of customers; with the tobacco companies issued a unified price and corresponding new cigarette display, price tag, eye-catching and clear, let customers to increase the sense of trust.

in the sales process, must maintain an optimistic attitude, selling and promotion, to explain the characteristics of tireless enthusiasm products to our customers. Even if there is no customers in the store, the clerk should also allow their shops to keep people moving around, took the opportunity to organize the smoke cabinet, shelves, showing a busy look, so that customers feel lively atmosphere.

encountered shilly-shally customers, may wish to use the "psychological time", "afraid to catch people" do not buy the psychological, actively promote, timely to them saying "a lot of people have already booked the cigarette, leaving the two." This new source of cigarettes had less, and now tobacco companies holiday, the purchase is difficult!" So, transfer this product sales, consumer "information to customers, stimulate customers to buy.

is the end of cigarette sales season, especially before and after the Spring Festival, all levels of consumer demand will be expanded, and the Spring Festival shopping consumers generally do not care to buy more or buy less, if we recommend properly, to observe the changes in consumer psychology, not every opportunity of promotion, will greatly increase the amount of consumer purchase single, so as to enhance the cigarette sales. In addition, I also prepared a home shop standard gift bags, matching gift box, free of charge to those foreign visitors and foreign migrant workers return home, which is.

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