What are the qualities of the franchise store
on March 17, 2017

clothing stores need shopping guide, but also the quality of the higher requirements of shopping guide, if you want to run a good men’s clothing store, you can see how to provide professional quality requirements guide. Xiaobian finishing some successful experience, if you are interested in this topic can come to understand.

is a well-known domestic brand menswear for many years Zhiyingdian friends said that men and women together to store to buy clothes is very much; if a man come to the store, as long as the shopping guide properly, men absolutely obediently pocket for money; buy more beautiful, the business is not good, carefully observed with men’s purchase a lady once found the shop there is beauty, is regarded as a danger zone, since it is a danger zone, of course is more better to leave early.

women’s team is relatively difficult to manage. As the saying goes, men and women with the work is not tired, you can fully coordinate the work atmosphere of the store. Guo Min think men’s shopping guide professional is more important than beautiful, men’s shopping guide men have more advantages than women. It is said that a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of needle, market is like a woman’s heart, but as long as the brand change unpredictably, seize the heart of a woman in the market can always sail the sea. If conditions permit, to recruit about two male appearance marks can not only guide, "candy", also can be used at fitting model for women shopping fully to do service work.

shopping guide for clothing stores is very important, if you want to do this industry, you can not ignore this important business links. The above arrangement of the investment program with your inspiration, Xiao Bian also hope that businesses pay more attention to business skills, good investment business.

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