Jewelry store operators how to purchase
on March 17, 2017

jewelry store operators inevitably need to purchase, if you need to purchase so have not considered the purchase should be what factors? Many franchisees are more interested in this issue, then look at it together!

purchase and positioning is actually related. Your store environment determines the location you shop, shop positioning you decide you into what the goods, absolutely can not sell the pen in the vicinity of the University, went to the nearby primary school to sell the necklace, which I believe we all understand, but blindly follow the trend, you might want to move.

for the first time, certainly pay attention to the whole, wide, many types, styles, less, is the best. Even if you like again, please take less, you like customers may not like. Through the first distribution, generally 1 to 2 months of sales, the experience is summed up. It is best to wholesalers that can get a replacement treatment, but it is difficult to.

generally, the species but hang department stores, headdress, jewelry, cosmetics and tools. Hanging department store nothing to say, we will have some, wallet, cell phone bag, cell phone pendants, etc.. Must pay attention to the tire, with drill East best with less, less expensive and easy to sell. Jewelry can take more points, especially earrings, sell well throughout the year. Cosmetic tools also need a little.

is summed up: tire to complete, fine jewelry, department to odd, cosmetics should be used. Remember that you can’t go wrong.

jewelry shop operators need to consider the factors in the purchase of more, only multi comparison goods, good purchase work is possible will bring the product advantages for their own store, if you are well aware of the purchase is not just to learn.

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