315 special offer foreign companies suspected of fraud before the top five list
on March 17, 2017

3.15 holiday not only major businesses are nervous, the company should also pay attention to the public entrepreneurship, innovation in the now, there is no denying that many startups are suspected of fraud, while the 315 holiday, we also take a look at all of the 5 foreign enterprises raise a Babel of criticism of fraud cases!

then in the nationwide crackdown day, let us together to see what dishonest start-up companies, some of these companies because of fraud exposure has been closed down, some others still founder chained and thrown into prison, on the edge of adventure.

Top  1 Ashley  Madison: users don’t care if I cheat.

Ashley  Madison is a social network service affair website by Noel  Biderman was founded in Canada in 2002. The site’s services are available in 29 countries around the world and it is reported that the site has about 36 million registered users as of July 2015. Female user registration website is free, and male user needs to pay registration.

deception: fake registered female account

2015 August, a self proclaimed Impact  Team hacker team stole the Ashley  Madison database. Then they released the data on the Internet, and claimed that "we have explained Avid  Life  Media (Ashley  Madison’s parent company) cheating the company, now we have data, it is self-evident truth…… This site is a scam, top tens of thousands of female users are false, before their employees have to register the false account women sued the company; the rest of the real 90-95% account are men, so in this so-called maximum affair website, you are the only false addiction."

subsequent effects:

data after exposure, Avid  Life  Media’s chief executive, is the founder of Madison Noel  Ashley  Biderman; resigned under pressure. In a statement, recommended

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