What is the retail business coup
on March 18, 2017

there are a lot of people are doing retail business, however, how to do retail, this is a lot of people want to master, but can not grasp the content. In fact, retail is an art that everyone has a unique skills of their own, in fact, if the success experience of everyone together, it is a very good book. If we are able to sort out and sort out some of the usual good practices, it will be a treasure.

first, using mark to deal with customers to return

business, customers often come back to return when, sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish whether or not we sell here. So, to our business brings a lot of problems. How can we avoid this problem? My approach is to make a mark in advance, thereby avoiding trouble. I will be in the supermarket goods are the pen drew a pen in the conspicuous position, when customers buy goods can not see, also will not have any impact on the goods.

once, a customer came in and said to me: "boss, this is my brother bought two boxes of cigarettes here yesterday, I smoked a box, I don’t feel like it, so please put the rest of the box back to me." Seeing this, I unhurried from his hands and took the box of cigarettes, I looked carefully at the bottom there is no mark I did.

so, I very firmly said to him: "brother, you really feel shy, the smoke is not here with me to buy my cigarettes, supermarket sales have a special mark, is estimated to be your brother correctly, or you go back and ask him!" See my firm and politely refused, so he walked out of the. Although it will take a certain amount of time to mark on the goods, but how to be stronger than being cheated.

second, with the help of innovation for the supermarket

liquor is a big commodity in our supermarket, in order to promote the sale of liquor, I think a lot of ways, although played a certain role, but I think it should be bold innovation and try. After a market investigation and research, I found that we in the supermarket to buy liquor when customers are basically little leadership of what, or there is a certain cultural qualities of the people, in view of this situation, I used to buy one get one way. This is not to buy a bottle to send a bottle, but to buy a bottle of liquor to send a book.

what’s going on here? I love writing, these years, accumulated a lot of books and magazines, there are many of my work, because there was no spare place to put these books, if sold and feel some pity, after some deliberation, I decided to buy these books for liquor customers. At first I was worried, worried that customers would not, but it turned out that my worry was

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