Not yet graduated from the University of the University’s alternative entrepreneurial story
on March 19, 2017

when the majority of female students in dormitory dress beauty, some of the girls have started to move, start one step ahead, will be able to accumulate a fortune before graduation, even for their own life paved the way! We are here, take a look at these female students are how to get rich.



bookstore opened soon, in order to increase the effective trade channels, Li Hongmei also set up an online transaction (mainly academic works), intended to facilitate communication with counterparts. Now, online transactions accounted for 15% of the total book business. In addition, Li Hongmei also sells some books not profitable, it can stabilize the old customers and get new customers, which led to other business. Add "send" business, Li Hongmei is the new. This move is fully standing in the customer’s position, but also to promote the integrity of the bookstore. This business is mainly in the face of those books but not the original sale of customers, they want to have the value of hand books like calligraphy and painting as send in the store by the owner of the consignment". "Sell" success, "do little boss collection fee". Second-hand house such business >

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