What is the name of the brand
on March 19, 2017

a good name, not only to impress people, but also for the development of the company has a very big help, so that a good name is a very important thing. Therefore, the product to open the market to occupy the market, not only the requirements of high quality, but also can not ignore the name, one is in line with the characteristic of the products, but also with the psychological needs of consumers name, will undoubtedly enhance the product reputation and competitiveness. The following small series to introduce the brand name method!

a, regional law: is the enterprise product brand and place names linked, so that consumers from the region of trust, and then produce the trust of the product. The famous Qingdao brand beer product is named after the name of the place, people see the Qingdao word, will think of the city "red, yellow walls, green trees, blue sea and sky magnificent scenery, so that consumers have to Tsingtao’s identity on the basis of the identity of Qingdao.

also, Mengniu brand dairy products rapid development, Inner Mongolia will be referred to as "Mongolia", as the elements of the brand, as long as consumers see "Mongolia", Lenovo will wind and see the low grass and sheep spectacular, and reliance on Mengniu products. Again, called a "Ningxia red wine" in television advertising, is made from raw materials to products in Ningxia wolfberry tonic wine, the brand is to highlight the origin to confirm this authentic wine.

can be seen, will have the characteristics of the geographical name and enterprise products linked. The method of determining brand is helpful to promote the brand identity of consumers by means of regional accumulation. But sometimes a lot of companies are companies or products with geographical names, there will be confusion.

two, Chinese and foreign law: that is, the use of Chinese and letters or a combination of the two for the brand name, so that consumers of the product to increase the foreign feelings, and thus promote product sales. Such as "TCL" is used alone English letters: "YOUNGOR" brand is English with "YOUNGER", as a brand, increase the "western style": "Hisense" English "HiSense", in the eyes of foreigners is "HighSense", that is "highly sensitive and clear" means, to do a very good bedding for the products to the world.

also, foreign brands in the translation into Chinese, using Chinese pronunciation and meaning, and achieved good results, such as the Pentium (PENTIUM), BMW (BMW), PANTENE (PANTEN) shampoo, Shufujia (SAFEGUARD), apple computer (APPLE), Carrefour supermarket (CARREFOUR).

and transliteration and free translation of the combination of brand names, such as: Coca-Cola (COCA-COLA), CLEAR (PEPSI), CleanClear (CLEAN&), etc.. The use of Chinese and foreign law, to clever knot >

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