Non Shenyang college graduates employment is now available for rent subsidies
on March 19, 2017

to the new year, the new college graduates will leave the school on society. There is no Shenyang Hukou in Shenyang to employment and Entrepreneurship of college students can pay attention, you can now apply for "housing", the highest monthly 800 yuan.

if you are college graduates of non Shenyang household registration, employment and entrepreneurship to Shen after January 1, 2015, then you can apply to the housing subsidy is expected to.

– what kind of college graduates will be "room"?

1. full-time college graduates (non native city);

2.2015 years after January 1st to Shenyang employment; under the age of 35, Dr. master under the age of 30, for the first time in Shenyang for employment or self employment; in 25 years of age, for the first time in self employment in Shenyang;

3. in Shenyang without any form of their own housing, is not or has enjoyed the Shenyang public rental policy.

subsidy standard


– "room" to apply for what elements?

provide elements in Shen achieve employment

1. "in the employment of graduates rental subsidy application form";

2. ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate and a copy of the original (returned overseas students to provide identity cards, issued by the Ministry of education, "the country (territory) Diploma Certificate" and a copy of the original);

3. and the original labor contract and a copy of the last two pages;

4. social security payment certificate affixed with the official seal of the unit;

5. the employer "organization code certificate" and a copy of the original seal;


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