Companies want to develop a good name
on March 19, 2017


said that an enterprise wants to obtain the development, involves the factor to be very many, however, all diligently premise, the nature is this enterprise has a good name. In short, if you want to venture capital, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to have a good development, with a good name is a very important thing.

enterprise famous, is the premise to the peak of development, and this name, on the one hand refers to the enterprise name, on the one hand refers to the reputation. So give the company named two factors, only the name is good, to fame.

how to name a company is not only a science but also an art. Since it is a science, it must have scientific spirit, the spirit of science under the guidance of the integrated use of marketing, psychology, sociology, communication, linguistics, philology and other aspects of knowledge; since it is art, it must possess the image thinking, creative. Give full play to their artistic talent and innovation ability.

companies have a good name, the product is a good brand, is recognized as the world’s intangible assets. The United States Mobil Oil Corp, willing to spend billions of dollars, but also for their own good name of the company to change? As the saying goes: fame, fame and fortune, fame is beneficial. In the former, the benefits after the first well-known, after a favorable, there are good people, will have good benefits, it is easy to understand.

such as the Yunnan cigarette factory in Yuxi "Yuxi" brand cigarette, the smoke class quality, exquisite packaging, strong "Hongta mountain" and "ashima". But sales have always been less red, a two cigarettes. The reason we think: mainly with their name and the set number is. "Yuxi" two words 19 paintings for FY – shield month, hard hard, serious when can cause the insolvency of the inauspicious number. "Hongta mountain", "Ashima" are lucky numbers naturally than "Yuxi".

you see, now a lot of people are eating famous brand, wear famous brand, live famous brand, use famous brand, play famous brand, see famous brand, listen to famous brand…… Often think of famous brand, everywhere in the name of profit, it is also not recognize the name of the important?

world famous Sony Corp, using the "reputation" of the cornucopia, $37 / Taiwan buying from Shanghai radio, with their own brand, you can sell more than and 80 dollars / taiwan. World beverage industry’s "big brother", "Coca-Cola" trademark, the value is as high as $3 billion, accounting for 3/4 of the total property of the company. If the name is not good, the results will be very different.

there are a lot of investors think their products or services is the most important, for the name of the enterprise is not the slightest attention, which undoubtedly can not allow enterprises to get more large-scale development. So if you want to succeed in business, you need to invest more in the company name

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