A ZhengXin chicken shops investment how much money is needed
on March 19, 2017

Huang Bo endorsement of a snack brand you should also have an impression! Yes this is the ZhengXin chicken, we now live in the high streets and back lanes can be seen ZhengXin chicken stores. So ZhengXin chicken joined? A ZhengXin chicken shop investment need how many money? ZhengXin chicken, from Taiwan, authentic Taiwan chicken, delicious, as difficult to resist as consumers, investors pay close attention to the brand investment. ZhengXin chicken from Taichung by dozens of classic snacks, spices and seasoning pickled with traditional Chinese medicine unique compounded seasoning powder, ZhengXin chicken tender crisp fragrance. The open kitchen space, high quality, ZhengXin chicken hope and consumers to establish cordial distance of the relationship between my friend


ZhengXin chicken cost:

ZhengXin chicken company currently has more than and 400 stores, by virtue of its unique flavor, high quality and inexpensive food, and the unique mode of operation is widely supported by consumers, now not only Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi, as Nanjing, Wenzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other areas are the largest leisure delicacy chain stores, has gradually become the industry famous enterprises. ZhengXin is a delicacy in East China as the core, extends outwards continuously, seeking the development of the business model.

costs are mainly in the following areas:

1, join fee:

ZhengXin chicken jiamengfei ranging from 1-5 million, because there are three kinds of exquisite ZhengXin chicken shop type: venture stores, standard stores, flagship stores, stores, franchise fees are also different. Join ZhengXin chicken, small investment, quick return. ZhengXin chicken business model is also very flexible, can open a fixed store, shop, mobile stalls etc..

2, renovation costs:

Corporation for each franchisee tailor-made, as the size and the scene to establish the best decoration scheme, on-site measurement of professional designers, decoration drawings to communicate with you. After the decoration will be taken to ensure the quality of construction and acceptance.

3, equipment cost:

equipment as the case or include: barbecue machine, fryer, refrigerator, cash register, a set of equipment about 40000. Headquarters will provide a list of equipment, as long as the actual use, some equipment can be purchased on their own.

ZhengXin chicken golden color, crisp and tender, delicious taste wonderful, so that all who lead a person to endless aftertastes, taste amazing wow. The market prospect is broad, the business opportunity is infinite, invites you to join!

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