Analysis of how to locate the clothing store
on March 19, 2017

clothing market has always been a very hot phenomenon, there are more people who want to engage in this business, if you want your own words need to pay attention to many places, business clothing store, when businesses do a series of preparations, the next step is how to do business, but to long-term development, is also very important do market positioning. Many operators on this issue is not very understanding, so this article from a few aspects, how to manage the clothing store business how to do the positioning of professional guidance, how to open a clothing store positioning?

1, commodity positioning clothing goods according to different classification standards have different classification methods. For example, according to the style of classification, can be divided into men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing; according to price classification, can be divided into low, medium and high, according to the style of classification, can be divided into popular, OL.

2, business format positioning positioning is the necessary step to open a clothing store. Clothing store new entrants should be placed in an important position in the format. Which format is most suitable to open the shop? Is located in the department store counters, the small size of the high-end clothing stores, or general business area of the store, or affordable clothing store? Is the way to direct shop, or a franchise? It is up to the new entrants according to their own business decision.

3, common business strategy positioning of the brand store most have adopted a single brand positioning and locking operation. For the non brand image of the bulk clothing stores are generally taken to lock the price positioning. The relatively small size of the clothing store, limited funds and space, to counter management, consignment management or direct purchase of the direct way. Visible, want to do a good job in the positioning of the clothing store, you need to start from the above several angles, businesses should be a corresponding understanding.


this time is before the business clothing store needs attention, may still have many deficiencies, I hope you can forgive, after understanding the above techniques, the shop will be more smooth, and make full preparations for the future long-term development, operators want to open a clothing store, the a problem should arouse enough attention.

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