Why is the green leaves in winter street
on March 19, 2017

now is the beginning of winter, but in the city streets, some willows and Sophora japonica trees on the green leaves still have fallen leaves. Some people believe that this is because in recent years the city temperature has warming, plant phenology in Xining has changed, the trees growth period was extended, so the winter leaves are still green in the branches. Is this really the case? Reporters on this issue, interviewed the city forestry bureau and the City Forestry Science Institute experts.
according to the solar term, has been on the temperature of winter; the city, the lowest temperature has dropped to minus seven or eight degrees celsius. Walk down the street, the reporter saw in Kunlun Road, summer street, Garden Street and so many, some willows, Sophora japonica leaves still glowing green, but withered, the wind blows, the leaves falling in the wind. Why are these leaves still green until the leaves fall? Why Xi’an, willow will become yellow leaves? People have a variety of speculation and discussion.
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three factors of the vertical green willow is

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