The province’s information and communication services charges fell 35%
on March 19, 2017

In December 4th, reporters from the Provincial Communications Authority was informed that the office of the State Council "on the high-speed broadband network to promote the construction of guidance" network speed drop charges upon the issuance of the Provincial Communications Administration jointly with the relevant departments to further promote the network speed drop charges, at present, the province’s information communication service charges average dropped more than 35%, 50M, 100M bandwidth the average price fell more than 30%, international roaming fees, traffic fees fell more than 70% of the average.

it is reported that, since the relevant departments of our province to promote the network speed drop charges, the provincial communications authority to improve the network speed drop fee policy measures to guide the telecom companies to reduce costs to carry out work in the network speed at the same time, solicit opinions and suggestions of the relevant departments, the provincial government issued the "Qinghai province network speed drop charges implementation plan", and increase the investment of Qinghai broadband information consumption, accelerate the broadband digital Qinghai, Qinghai major project construction progress, carry out "copperquot transformation, cable route optimization, reduce the routing delay and promote the province to carry out free cable to village construction, speed up activities.

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