Xining Municipal Bureau of justice to start serving party members into the community activities
on March 19, 2017

From the beginning of February, the Xining Municipal Bureau of justice within the full range of the system to start the party members into the community activities.

according to the schedule, carry out "the main purpose of the working party members into the community" is in accordance with the "community needs, residents are anxious, they can" principle, by the arrangement of community service positions, the use of spare time, to carry out various party volunteer service activities, focus on the "big four": Law and policy advocates, helping disadvantaged groups member, public opinion collection staff, community affairs coordinators and other content services for the people, a month into the community to carry out service activities at least once, contact the community not less than a poor people.

to do a "working party members into the community" activities, stressed that a greater emphasis on the characteristics of activities in the working party members to personally participate in voluntary services to actively carry out the party’s purpose, play a party flag, a member of a gang, a member of a pair of red. Two in the theme echoes with more emphasis on the needs of community residents, to play their own expertise, take effective measures to promote the working party on the bright residence status, the tree image, set a good example, close ties with the masses. Three to be synchronized with the party’s mass line educational practice activities in time, give full play to the functions of the judicial administrative work characteristic, unified bowed in mind, consciously practice in action, do two combination, two promotion.

in order to ensure the effectiveness of activities, put forward: first, to improve the corresponding activities. Starting from the play to judicial and administrative legal advocacy, legal services, dispute mediation and other functional characteristics, positive innovations, according to local conditions, vigorously promote the rule of law in Xining "," safe Xining "construction, continue to broaden the effective way and method to the working party to play a role in residence, promotion activities to achieve tangible results. Two to improve the corresponding assessment mechanism. On the one hand, the activities included in the grass-roots Party branch grasping the responsibility system of Party building assessment system, and the implementation of the responsibility system in conjunction with the inspection and assessment; on the other hand, the working party members into the community work as Party organizations and the working party and an important basis for the first selection, included in the annual assessment, and enhance public awareness of service.

at present, Xining City, the existing judicial bureau Juzhu notary office, city law firms and other 106 working party to report the completion of the work.


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