Datong County agricultural technology demonstration project in 2011 to promote the performance evalu
on March 20, 2017

recently, the members of the expert group project in Datong County Agricultural Bureau organization, leadership team, performance evaluation of the 10 science and technology demonstration base, opened 2011 grassroots agricultural extension demonstration county project performance evaluation of the curtain.

this year is the grassroots agricultural extension system reform and construction of demonstration counties in the implementation of the project in Datong County, the third year, but also the year of the year. According to the goal of agricultural development project in Datong County in 11th Five-Year and planning of agricultural characteristics, determine the rape, wheat, vegetables, dairy cattle, pig 5 leading industries, according to the different distribution of the leading industries in the main producing areas set up 10 technology demonstration base. The application of science and technology rapid channel through "expert – technical instructor – Science and technology demonstration households – leading farmers", 6 agricultural industry chief experts to carry out technical training and technical guidance of 100 technical instructors, each technical instructors to villages and households, further field training 10 fold technology demonstration households, each radiating 20 Technology demonstration households a farmer around. Through technical instructors hand guidance, training, service, project of subsidies, the growing enthusiasm of farmers’ scientific planting and breeding, the promotion and application of new agricultural technology, new varieties of learning by example, do demonstration leading industry, yield and output value were significantly increased than before the implementation of the project, the consciousness of science and technology demonstration households increased significantly, the significant effect of radiation.


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