North District Legal Aid Center to carry out the party’s eighteen legal publicity campaign
on March 21, 2017

for the full legal publicity in maintaining social stability and promoting social harmony and an important role in the cultivation of citizen consciousness of socialist rule of law, the formation of consciousness according to law, according to the expression of interest demands and solve the disputes according to the law, for the party’s eighteen big victory is held to create a good atmosphere of law. North District Legal Aid Center on November 8th in the District Chaoyang Square, organizing staff, volunteers and aid lawyers to meet the party’s eighteen legal advocacy activities. In the North District Legal Aid Center staff issued a "legal aid guide", "marriage law", "law of succession", "injury insurance benefits" and other promotional materials totaling more than 250 copies, publicity related laws and legal aid knowledge. Answer all kinds of legal advice from more than 12, the staff wholeheartedly for everyone to come to consult the masses to provide a detailed answer, won the good reputation of the masses.


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