The provincial government and the China Unicom signed a cooperation framework agreement in 13th Five
on March 26, 2017

Green Fair is approaching, the atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger. In June 15th, the provincial government and the China Unicom Corporation signed a cooperation framework agreement "in 13th Five-Year" in Xining. Governor Hao Peng, China Unicom Group Chairman Wang Xiaochu attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech.

Hao Peng in his speech to the China Unicom Group has long been given strong support for economic and social development in Qinghai thanks. Hao Peng said, at present, our province is in a critical period of building a moderately prosperous society in the decisive stage, accelerate the construction of informationization to promote the supply side structural reform, strengthen investment and consumption, increase the stimulation of supply of public goods and public services, continue to protect and improve people’s livelihood, has very important significance. We sincerely hope to strengthen cooperation with China Unicom Chinese, with the signing as an opportunity to better play the comprehensive advantages of China Unicom, deepening in broadband Qinghai construction, "Internet plus", big data and cloud computing technology popularization and application of the cooperation, accelerate the information construction process, to ensure that the 2020 Qinghai and the National Road synchronized well-off society to make new contribution. Qinghai will be happy to create a good business environment for the development of China Unicom in the construction of the project, information services and other aspects of positive support, continue to expand the results of bilateral cooperation to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

Wang Xiaochu in his speech to the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government for a long time to develop a good environment for the development of China Unicom thanked Qinghai. Wang Xiaochu said, the two sides signed the "13th Five-Year" strategic cooperation framework agreement, is to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council network power, to promote the "strong policy Internet plus action plan, China Unicom will put Qinghai as the focus area of major strategic provinces and business development, increase investment in Qinghai, accelerate the construction of high speed, mobile security in the new generation of information infrastructure, constantly improve the level of business and market scale, help Qinghai informatization construction, to promote the consumption of information. At the same time, the government, enterprises and the public demand for the driver, in order to promote the "Internet plus" action plan for landing, to play a positive role of the Internet tools "public entrepreneurship, innovation", the rapid formation of the ability to support the application of information technology products, and promote economic and social development of the Internet and fusion.

in accordance with the agreement, the two sides will be based on complementary advantages, collaborative innovation, long-term cooperation and common development principle, accelerate the construction of information infrastructure, deepen cooperation and promote wider application of information technology, information consumption. During the China Unicom "13th Five-Year" in green investment of not less than 10 billion yuan, increase the Qinghai information infrastructure construction investment, build Qinghai City optical network and mobile broadband network quality, a new generation of cloud data center. At the same time, around the wisdom of government, industry wisdom, the wisdom of life in three major areas, and actively participate in the construction and application of Qinghai province Internet plus green, Internet plus innovative, Internet plus e-government etc..

Wang Liming, vice governor of and deputy general manager of China Unicom Group, deputy general manager of China signed a cooperation framework agreement on behalf of the two sides, vice governor Yang Fengchun attended the ceremony on behalf of the two sides, and vice president of the CPC Central Committee, deputy general manager of China Unicom



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